HealthTech Hub

HealthTech Hub is the place where Healthcare Startups Founders and interested stakeholders from Romania/Moldova and Eastern Europe can meet and get access to:

  • selected healthcare professionals
  • investors and business mentors
  • various opportunities that appear on our radar


The main benefits for startup’s founders is:

  • Facilitate access to other healthtech startup founders;
  • Relevant and trustful information about the healthcare system;
  • Networking with other members in the hub;
  • Relevant feedback and advice (one-to-one meetings, group discussions);
  • National and international exposure
  • Easier access to various opportunities and resources.


The main benefits for mentors, investors, and companies:

  • Information about health tech startup ecosystem
  • A better understanding of the healthcare system
  • New connections with startups and investment opportunities
  • Connections with other players in the healthcare ecosystem


The main benefits for Healthcare Professionals (doctors, pharmacists, …)

  • Information about healthtech startup ecosystem
  • Support in understanding how tech improves healthcare
  • Educational resources related to innovation in the healthcare system
  • Expanding their network with innovation interested people
  • The opportunity to create new streams of revenue