Our story and vision


We are a group of people with enthusiasm and passion for innovation, who believe that the world can be transformed for better by driving ideas into projects and projects to reality. We are engineers and doctors, but we welcome anyone willing to contribute with his time and his competencies.


We build together “FreshBlood” – a project that is focused on improving healthcare through technology, a program supporting those coming towards us with ideas in this field, by providing feedback, support, mentorship and exposure.

Our project is called “FreshBlood” for several reasons – we are part of the generation that is changing the world, that can bring”freshblood” in the medical and technological communities. We also aim to provide solutions as valuable as the Blood – a medicine that is for the moment difficult to replace, and not last we are from Transylvania;) and we believe that like this our brand will be easier to remember.

We will begin with a series of meetups and we aim to become a powerful entity that can contribute significantly to the development of valuable projects.

– creating a meeting point for national and international collaborations

– help improve educational experience by implementing courses of medical innovations


We start our initiative in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, because here we started to become what we are today and we find here some of the most valuable resources in Romania, – top technological and healthcare competences and a multinational student and young professionals community, motivated to develop and change the world for good with their ideas.

However, we will access the resources wherever they are coming from and we are available for support and collaboration to anyone from anywhere, since the world is smaller every day and in many cases an idea that becomes reality can improve health care well beyond frontiers.


Because the public healthcare is influenced by the healthcare of each of the individuals in this population, and health care is both an indicator and a determinant of  human development.

Because we have at hand (newer every day) technological solutions that we can use to make the world healthier and thus better.

And because we want to contribute to the world of tomorrow, since we all need it to be healthier!

If the words above awakened your interest we are waiting to hear from you!