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Away From Pollution, Towards Solutions.

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Join the race to make the world a better place.


Hear the Trees Falling?

Cut a Tree, Cut a Tree and there’ll be no more left to see. Take care of trees.


Spare a watt, save a lot.

Turn off the lights before you perish. Unite and save the earth.


Pollution is not a solution.

Protect our earth today for our children’s tomorrow.

Who we are

We are a Non Governmental Organization that supports health innovation by connecting innovators to things that they need, providing feedback and mentoring.

We started as a group of people passionate for innovation. We believe that the world can be changed for the better by transforming ideas into projects and projects into reality. We collaborate with engineers, doctors, and anyone willing to help change our world for the better. At FreshBlood Health Tech, we are focused on improving healthcare through technology.


We improve health through people, projects and partnerships. We want to become the meeting point, the GO TO place, for innovators from Romania and Eastern Europe who want to improve the health system through innovation.

What we do

We know that change in healthcare can only be driven by approaching experts in various fields. We therefore connect health innovators to each other, to different startups, to universities (from medical to IT and more), and to funding organisations and companies.
Over a decade of experience later, we are constantly asked for feedback and mentoring from those who are already involved in healthcare projects. We keep our communities close, by sharing knowledge in every possible way, on any online and offline platforms.
Contact us if you have an idea, we know we can help you.


Ion-Gheorghe Petrovai

Co-Founder and Director of Innovation at FreshBlood HealthTech

Mircea Vădan

Co-founder and Board Member at FreshBlood HealthTech

Denisa Lazurca

Administrative Officer and Board Member at FreshBlood HealthTech

Doctor, marketer, trainer, and community builder. 

Ion has extensive and relevant healthcare innovation and business development experience through healthcare sales, marketing and management for some of the most complex and successful products/services/initiatives. Focused on validation and stakeholder management, Ion-Gheorghe helps startups minimize/avoid classic mistakes in building their startup.

Mentor, trainer. 

Mircea is involved in various projects and communities related to the startup ecosystem. He founded Cluj Startups community in 2013 and later on FreshBlood Health Tech and Cluj.AI as domain focused organisations. 



Denisa organizes and develops internal processes and manages successfully different projects. Besides her job, she tries to contribute to a healthy and prosperous society by volunteering for different NGOs and charitable causes.