Start-ups valley is flourishing in Cluj-Napoca

(November 30th, 2020)

The Romanian „capital” of innovation gets European recognition and the EIT Health award.

In 2020, several start-ups from Central, Eastern and Southern Europe proved that emerging countries in Europe are a gold mine of pioneering innovations and great young talents. One of the regions that constantly proves to be an innovation field is Romanian Cluj-Napoca. Cluj-Napoca has distinguished itself over the years as one of the most important innovation hubs in Romania. The unofficial capital of Transylvania – which hosted the Start-up Europe Summit last year – became very active in the last 15 years in terms of its start-up ecosystem, and in 2019, an estimated €3M were reportedly invested in Cluj-based start-ups from different industries. Recently Cluj-Napoca was included amongst the six finalist cities in the competition for the title of European Capital of Innovation 2020.

This year, the Romanian hub outperformed that in the EIT Health RIS Innovation Call, with four winning teams in total. The entrants are working in areas from lung cancer diagnosis to robotic systems for limb rehabilitation. Ion-Gheorghe Petrovai, co-founder of Freshblood HealthTech, says the primary reason for Cluj’s success is its strong educational institutions, specifically the Babes-Bolyai University, Technical University, and University of Medicine and Pharmacy, of which the latter has a sizeable number of foreign students studying in French and English. “All have long traditions and are among the best in Romania,” he says. They, in turn, provide the technological proficiency in the region “that has been tested and developed at the global level” he adds.

EIT Health supports the regional development

Cluj-Napoca is one of the regions supported within the EIT Health Regional Innovation Scheme. Together with 13 other moderate regions in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe is being equipped with education, acceleration and innovation opportunities. Mr. Petrovai says support from EIT Health has enabled training and knowledge sharing among innovators in the Cluj region with like-minded people from all over Europe. “I often say, we have the fire, EIT Health came with the fuel, now the flame is visible across Europe. The evolution in the last 3 years could not have happened without their support.”

Read more: https://eithealth.eu/news-article/start-ups-valley-is-flourishing-in-cluj-napoca/


EIT Health and Forbes Romania – How did Romanian health innovators become competitive at European level?

(November 13th, 2020)

EIT Health and Forbes Romania invite you on Monday, November 23, at 15:00, to the online business health event: How did Romanian health innovators become competitive at European level?

The event will bring on the virtual stage officials, important personalities from the medical and academic world, as well as entrepreneurs who have innovated and developed health projects, recognized and appreciated in Europe.

EIT Health is one of Europe’s largest public-private partnerships in the field of medical innovation, supported by the European Union. With around 150 partners, EIT Health is a unique European network of top companies, universities, research and development centers, hospitals and medical institutes. Through its programs, EIT Health develops the skills of health professionals in Europe, investing in the best medical talent and facilitates the marketing of innovative products & solutions in the EU.

The event “How did Romanian health innovators become competitive at European level?” will be broadcast LIVE on the ZOOM platform and on the Forbes Romania Facebook page.

More details and information at: events@forbes.ro

More details: https://www.forbes.ro/evenimente/eit-health-si-forbes-romania-cum-au-devenit-competitivi-la-nivel-european-inovatorii-romani-din-sanatate

Local Innovation Days event

(October 15th, 2020)

EIT Health Innovation Days 2020 – ‘Child cancer care’

Would you like to learn how to bring innovation to the national community?

How about meeting people who share your interests and work together on an idea that could improve the health and the lives of people in Romania?

This competition among student teams from a range of disciplines encourages a new generation of health innovators. I-Days educate and inspire university students to tackle Europe’s healthcare challenges.

Take advantage of this great opportunity, open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in healthcare innovation. We welcome students from any University in Romania to the EIT Health Innovation Days on October 30-31st 2020!

You will be part of a multidisciplinary team challenged to find simple and efficient solutions to ‘Child cancer care’.

Join us and you will gain new soft skills, explore practical training and benefit from great networking opportunities!

Link: https://publichealth.ro/event/eit-health-innovation-days-2020-child-cancer-care/
Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/331073104770567


Morning Health Talks

(October 3rd, 2020)

Join us for EIT Healths’ Morning Health Talks – a new format of regular InnoStars events for executives and key opinion leaders with aim to exchange views on future of healthcare.

The goal of the MHT events project is to cultivate innovation-friendly environment across local communities in countries considered by the EIT (European Institue of Innovation and Technology) “moderate innovators”. “The range of the EIT Health initiatives and projects is continuously proving across InnoStars / RIS that the regions are very active in creating local working communities of healthcare professionals and key opinion leaders. In other words, innovation brews up locally,” said Balázs Fürjes, EIT Health InnoStars Director, explaining the rationale for the graduation of the MHT format to the multinational level.

EIT Health is a proven facilitator, match-maker and accelerator of communities consisting of healthcare professionals constantly looking for innovative ways to improve health, well-being and the quality of life of European citizens.

The Morning Health Talks are invitation-only events. The events are designed to be media-friendly, as EIT Health looks to allow the media to get to know EIT Health better and understand the field of healthcare innovation even more.

Are you looking for a Morning Health Talk event near you? Be sure to check the list below:

Morning Health Talks: Riga (Latvia), 30 September 2020;
Morning Health Talks: Kosice (Slovakia), 1 October 2020;
Morning Health Talks: Gdansk (Poland), 9 October 2020;
Morning Health Talks: Romania, 9 October 2020;
Morning Health Talks: (the second edition), Slovakia, 2 November 2020;
The 2020 Morning Health Talks main three topics are:

hospital and healthcare actors engagement in healthcare innovatios;
ecosystem overview as future landscape and how to activate the actors;
telemedicine and digital solutions


Innovation day

(September 10th, 2020)

Innovation Days (i-Days) promote health innovation among university students through one-to-two-day programmes held at academic institutions around Europe. Students receive an introduction to practical health innovation tools and work in multidisciplinary teams to tackle real life health challenges posed by EIT Health projects, local organisations and private corporations. Successful teams will receive resources to develop their ideas, and students from the regions EIT Health serves will be encouraged to get involved with our network.

Are you a student at ANY college? Are you passionate about innovation, especially in health?
We have an invitation for you! On October 30 and 31, 2020, ONLINE!

A day (and a night) in which you will be able to accumulate skills, knowledge and motivation for a school semester.

It’s ONLINE, it’s a serious challenge (Child Cancer Care) and it’s rewarding, but especially it’s a chance to meet great colleagues and mentors! Come with your friends and sign up!

Choose the event from Cluj-Napoca, Romania below!

Link: https://alumni.eithealth.eu/events/40566


Curs de guvernare: Telemedicina

(August 6th, 2020)

The benefits of telemedicine, strongly highlighted during the COVID-19 crisis but also other forms of innovation were repeatedly mentioned in the online video conference “#LecţiaCovid. Resetting the health system”, organized by CursDeGuvernare.ro with the support of the Romanian Association of International Drug Manufacturers (ARPIM).

Ion Gheorghe Petrovai, Project Director and co-founder at FreshBlood HealthTech – EITHealth Hub for Romania said that telemedicine was implemented with the help of some innovators – Romanian start-ups. He also said that Romanian entrepreneurs in the field are starting to have visibility at European level.

“The delicate part is that there is a need for co-operation between funders, including the government, industry, government, through payers, and the Academy, NGOs and foundations,” he explained.

Read more: https://cursdeguvernare.ro/video-ion-gheorghe-petrovai-si-marius-geanta-exemple-de-implicare-si-sustinere-a-inovatia-in-sanatate.html


Local innovation project development training

(July 8th, 2020)

How about totally free online #training and #pitch consultations to support development of your #healthcare innovative idea?

EIT Health RIS Innovation training is a free online interactive training for teams from Eastern, Central and Southern Europe with ideas of innovation in healthcare. Timing 10AM to 1PM CET on July 21st, 22nd and 23rd.

Our experts will introduce you to the next steps towards the market and navigate you in the complex background of healthcare solutions.

Book your seat and choose your time slot now!
👉 Learn more and register here


Startups Meet Pharma

(May 30th, 2020)

The 2020 cohort of Startups Meet Pharma programs has been selected. 16 startups from Germany, Austria, UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, Poland, Italy, Finland, Greece, Spain, Estonia and Israel will be working intensely with our key pharma partners in the next 6 months.

EIT Health is pleased to announce that 16 startups from Germany, Austria, UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, Poland, Italy, Finland, Greece, Spain, Estonia and Israel have been selected for the Startups Meet Pharma 2020 cohort. This year, five challenges have been released in collaboration with four EIT Health Partners: Amgen, Bayer, Beiersdorf and Boehringer Ingelheim.

Over the next 6 months, the 16 selected startups will participate in various trainings and workshops, work on their solutions together with the pharma representatives and prepare for the Demo Day in November 2020.

Read more: https://eit-health.de/en/startups-meet-pharma-2020-16-startups-join-this-years-cohort/


GE Healthcare AIRIS

(May 20th, 2020)

Join us Thursday 28 of May from 19.00 to discuss the topic of artificial intelligence in healthcare: main use cases, challenges and the needs of the healthcare system.

We will also introduce HelloAIRIS, an online AI-focused training program, led by experts from GE Healthcare, KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm), The Health & Biomedicine unit of LEITAT (Barcelona) and EIT Health.

The program is designed to introduce participants to the basics of Artificial Intelligence, unveil and discover its challenges and build a community of curious and forward-thinking individuals.
Read more details about it here: https://www.helloairis.com/

19.00 – EITHealth and healthcare innovation
19.10 – the Romanian City.ai ecosystem
Panelists: Alex Burciu – Cluj.AI and Eugen Buşoiu – Iasi.AI
19.35 – Practical examples:
Roxana Both – Universitatea Tehnica Cluj-Napoca
Andrei Suiu – Iasi.AI
19.50 – Hello AIRIS Presentation

Join here


L-ead Summer School

(May 16th, 2020)

Summer School: Building an e-health workforce with advanced skills

If we realise their potential, digital solutions can revolutionise healthcare. This course shows how to develop a workforce that can maximise the possibilities of healthcare systems in the digital age.

This course will investigate the skills required to adapt advanced technologies in cross-border development of healthcare and the health workforce.

With the help of change management and evidence-based policy-making approaches, participants will understand the functioning of health systems, the benefits of digital ecosystems, and the context and rationale of workforce development.

Learners will identify major challenges and innovative solutions for achieving a positive impact of digital transformation on healthcare and its workforce.

The Summer School presents case studies and applies teamwork to help participants internalise essential e-skills, and to determine good ways to upskill the workforce so that it matches the state of maturity of digitisation.

Apply here by 24 May 2020: https://emk.semmelweis.hu/eithealth/


EIT Health InnoStars Awards 2019 boost start-ups from RIS countries

(March 19th, 2020)

In the third year of the InnoStars Awards, the winners were chosen from 116 high-quality contestants based in the 13 RIS countries – which have more moderate levels of innovation than other European countries.

Selected by a panel of experts, the winning start-ups include five from Portugal, two from Poland, two from Hungary, two from Latvia, one from the Czech Republic, one from Lithuania, one from Italy and one from Romania.

They will receive EUR 25 000 of smart money, individual mentoring for four months, and the opportunity to participate in two bootcamps in Europe. EIT Health InnoStars will also organise three validation interviews with potential customers, investors and partners for the award winners. After the four-month programme, 10 finalists will be selected to participate in the InnoStars Awards final pitch in November, to compete for the three top prizes: an additional EUR 25 000, EUR 15 000, or EUR 10 000 in funding.

More details here: https://eit.europa.eu/news-events/news/eit-health-innostars-awards-2019-boost-start-ups-ris-countries


InnoStars Awards 2020

(May 22th, 2020)

Meet 15 semi-finalists of InnoStars Awards 2020!

Selected teams from
– Hungary🇭🇺,
– Romania🇷🇴,
– Italy🇮🇹,
– Portugal🇵🇹,
– Latvia🇱🇻,
– Lithuania🇱🇹,
– Slovakia🇸🇰
– Croatia🇭🇷

will get €25K of smart money, mentoring and business training, they will also compete to get to the Grand Final in November.

Congratulations to all of teams! Read more here: https://bit.ly/2ZqQz2S


Inoveaza in sanatate – Programele EITHealth

(March 9th, 2020)

Luna martie este luna in care se poate aplica la programele EIT Health, atat de catre startupuri cat si de catre inovatori care isi doresc sa-si dezvolte proiectele in curs de cristalizare.

Marti 10 Martie 2020 la ora 18.00 va invitam la prezentarea acestor oportunitati, in Parcul Babes, intrarea din Plopilor, in sala Marmot – vis a vis de intrarea in complexul Universitas.

18.30-18.45 Sosire participanti si inscriere
18.45 – 19.00 – Prezentare EITHealth – Ion-Gheorghe Petrovai
19.00 – Pitch Medicalo – Andreea Porumb – Echipa din Innovation Labs 2020 Cluj Hackathon
19.15 – Prezentare oportunitati pentru startupuri (in engleza via Zoom) – Tamas Bekasi – EITHealth Innostars
20.00 Discutii, networking si pizza

More details: https://www.facebook.com/events/130820575039699/


Funding for healthcare innovation – by EITHealth and FreshBlood

(March 5th, 2020)

March is the month with many application deadlines for the EIT Health programs for healthcare innovators.
We have now many funding opportunities for healthcare innovation and we would like to present all these opportunities to the healthcare innovation community of Bucharest.

The event will take place at Commons Unirii Wednesday March 11 2020 18.00 and will include presentations from people with significant expertise in healthcare innovation funding like:
– Andy Bleaden from European Connected Health Alliance
– Flaviana Rotaru from Rohealth Cluster

18.00 Participants arrival
18.15 – Welcome and EITHealth Presentation – Ion-Gheorghe PETROVAI – FreshBlood
18.30 – EITHealth Innostars Awards 2019 Feedback from Daniel STAN – FEMYO
19.00 – EITHealth Accelerator – Opportunities for Startups – Tamas BEKASI – EITHealth Innostars
19.45 – Q&A
20.00 Funding Healthcare Innovation in Romania with success stories – Flaviana ROTARU – RoHealth Cluster
20.15 – Funding Healthcare Innovation in Europe – Andy BLEADEN – ECHAlliance
20.30 – 21.00 – Networking and pizza

For registrations please confirm in the facebook page


EIT Health RIS Innovation Call 2020

(January 20th, 2020)

An important call has arrived to us from our partners from EIT Health, see below details.

EIT Health InnoStars seeks applications from partners who would work in collaboration with EIT Health Hubs to develop Innovation Projects.




This call aims at funding high-quality, strong, balanced projects, targeting EIT Health’s six Focus Areas.

  1. Bringing care home;
  2. Harnessing the power of real-world data (RWD);
  3. Creating the enabling environment for healthcare transformation;
  4. Towards health continuum care pathways;
  5. Employer leadership in improving health outcomes in the workplace;
  6. Fostering healthy lives by introducing behavioural change.


The ultimate goal of this activity is to support projects from the RIS regions and provide funding for the preparation phase of their projects, so they can achieve a maturity level that would give them the potential to join EIT Health partners applying for Business Plan 2022 innovation calls.
Please note that all full proposals must be in ENGLISH and must be submitted no later than 10 February 2020, 12:00 CET (Budapest time) in the Optimy platform: https://eithealth.optimytool.com/en/.


For full information and to submit an application, please download the documents from the EIT Health dedicated page. The FAQ document will be updated each week, so we would suggest visiting the website for the newest version.


You can address any questions to innostars.ris@eithealth.eu as this is the only email address designated to answer to any questions on the topic.


Call for StartShip participants

(January 7th, 2020)

StarShip – an EIT Health educational initiative in collaboration with leading European academic and health industrial partners.

Using a blend of different educational approaches – including elements from the Stanford Biodesign methodology – StarShip is a unique opportunity for participants to be involved in needs-driven life science innovation, working together with other innovators in highly skilled multidisciplinary teams, in close collaboration with Europe’s leading health care industry actors and EIT Health partners.

During the part-time, nine-month program, fellows learn to apply a proven and action-based approach to find solutions to challenges, verifying user requirements, and identifying unmet health care needs. In the multidisciplinary teams, fellows will develop responses to critical real time problems, validate them in real health care settings, and produce a solution that will have an impact. Throughout the program, the teams are coached and mentored by the StarShip academic team and designated industry mentors.

StarShip’s outcome will be a crucial contribution to relevant market opportunities in collaboration with the industrial partners.

Companies providing challenges for 2020 fellows:

– GE Healthcare (Hungary)
– Atos Spain SA (Spain)
– Glintt S.A. (Portugal)
– Bluepharma S.A. (Portugal)
– Essilor (France)

EIT Health and its partners will sponsor each selected participant with:

– 15,000€ tuition fee
– 3,000€ travel grant*

WHY PARTICIPATE? The Starship program is for you if you want to:
– Start an entrepreneurial venture in the health technology space
– Solve real, concrete, health care market challenges
– Learn about needs-driven innovation methodologies and solution design
– Travel Europe with your team and your class
– Learn about the keys to successful innovation and entrepreneurship from Europe’s leading academic institutions
– Establish business connections and networking with key healthcare companies looking for talent
– Develop new solutions in a multidisciplinary group environment

Read more: https://www.starship.eithealth.eu/