Projects and activities

Politechnical Universities Summer Schools in Cluj and Bucharest – July 2018


The future engineers are very interested to innovate in healthcare, and they are open and reaching out to FreshBlood and EITHealth RIS Hub as an organisation that understands their needs and that can facilitate understanding and collaboration. We have been invited both in Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest during July 2018 to talk about innovation in healthcare and provided the context and answered their questions. 

Healthcare Startup Bootcamp (HSB) Cluj-Napoca 2018 – 11-13 July 2018


The first Bootcamp in Romania dedicated to healthcare startups was organized in Cluj-Napoca by FreshBlood together with Medical University of Cluj-Napoca, ASAIH and EIT Health – Innostars.

The agenda covered workshops about Innovation in the Healthcare field (Dr. Vlad Mateita and Stud. Maria Crisan Lup – Starship Innovation Fellows), ASAIH session (stud. Lorand Magdo), Pitching Preparation (Mircea Vadan from ClujStartups), Start-Up in Healthcare in Romania – the international perspective (Sveatoslav Veaceslav & Dumitru Petreus from Wello,  Flavia Oprea from ENTy and Dr. Alexandru Herdea from Children Hospital “Grigore Alexandrescu” over Skype), Value in healthcare – the tough choices (Dr. Ion-Gheorghe Petrovai), EIT Health – Opportunities and preparation (Adam Sebestyen from Innostars EITHealth).

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HealthTech in 2018 – Global Opportunities – 11 June 2018


The intersection of healthcare and technology is one of the most active and motivating spots for innovation, and this can provide significant opportunities for those prepared.

Together with our special guests: Ondrej BARTOS – Partner Credo Ventures and Elena OVREIU – Founder GomitTech, we discussed  the current trends in healthcare and investments in Eastern Europe, Europe and the world, as well as the opportunities provided at European and global level by EIT Health.

More details: here.

First Healthtech community meetup Iasi – 7 June 2018


We hosted our first meetup in Iasi dedicated to the development of Healthtech, where we discussed about how the Nord-Eastern region of Romania can encourage people to come up with new projects in the Medtech field, offering them feedback, support, mentorship and exposure.

The speakers were Dr. Cipriana Stefanescu – MD, PhD, Professor, Biophysics and Medical Physics – Nuclear Medicine Dept., Head, U.M.F. “Grigore T. Popa” Iasi;  Alexandru Pleșoianu – Research Assistant – Cardiac Surgery, U.M.F. “Grigore T. Popa” Iasi; and Diana Cîlmău – President of the Bioengineering Students’ Association, moderated by Dr. Ion Petrovai – project Manager FreshBlood HealthTech Community – EITHealth HUB.

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EIT Health Citizen Toolkit testing at 3 Days of Health – 5-8 July 2018


We attended 3 Zile de Sanatate (3 Days of Health), an annual event organized by the Young Doctors Organization promoting healthcare and engaging the regional community, taking place in the Central Park of Cluj-Napoca.  

At this event, we organized an EIT Health Citizen Toolking Testing event in the form of a Try-out Zone, bringing a startup with a locally developed digital medical product to be tried by the general public. The startup we brought was MIRA Rehab, working with a software platform designed to make physiotherapy fun and convenient for patients (especially children) recovering from surgery or injury. 

SSIMA Summer School – MedTech Innovation Day by EITHealth and FreshBlood,Sibiu – 3 July 2018


At the International Summer School on Imaging for Medical Applications  – SSIMA, we organized a satellite event that gathered medical students, junior doctors and engineers. Starship Fellows Stud. Maria Lup and Dr. Vlad Mateita moderated an exercise using the Business Model Canvas.

In the main session we presented EIT Health initiative and programs to the general audience and we coordinated a Startup Pitching session that was welcomed with high interest.

EHealth for students – EIT Health Summer Schools – 17 May 2018


We met with students interested in HealthTech, presenting opportunities of hackathons and EIT Health Summer Schools they can apply to. We discussed the available programs and invited students from Cluj-Napoca that participated in such programs to share their experience.

More details: here.

Healthcare meets Technology, Bucharest – 10 May 2018


During the first session, the speakers Dr. Ionut Negoi and As. Drd. Ing. Alexandru Gradinaru, moderated by Dr. Adrian Minca, helped us explore the relationship between Healthcare and IT in the context of innovation.

The second part of the meeting divided the participants in two sides (healthcare and technology), giving each of them the opportunity to exchange ideas, areas of interests and opinions with the others.

More details: here.

Conversations about Healthcare and Technology – FreshBlood Meetup #11 – 18 April 2018


At Cluj Cowork, we gathered important names from the Romanian medical and tech scene, engaging in a debate about the improvement of healthcare through technology.

Dr. Ion-Gheorghe Petrovai presented our lastest and most interesting partnership: “EITHealth Hub – Digital Health European Opportunities”.

Our speakers: Dr. Bogdan Florea – Primary neurologist, Dr. Florin Graur – General surgeon, Bogdan Blaga – CEO Macadamian Romania, Daniel Lar – CEO Yonder showed us enlightened minds working together, issuing hypotheses, proposing innovation, projects and partnerships.

More details: here.

Healthcare and technology. Opportunities and change – 5 March 2018


We met to explore together the opportunites generated by tech innovation in healthcare.


Medical Director, Conf. Dr. Adela Golea – County Emergency Clinical Hospital Cluj-Napoca

Dr. Ion-Gheorghe Petrovai – FreshBlood

More details: here.

Nutrition on the line – FreshBlood meetup #9 – 28 February 2018


Don’t dig your grave with your own knife and fork. ~ English Proverb

During this Meetup, we approached the wide topic of nutrition and how it is impacting our health. We watched a documentary on this topic (“SuperSizeMe”) and we had as guests co-founders of Wello, who told us out how they plan to help families improve their eating habits.

More details: here.

FreshBlood Meetup #8 – 21 January 2018


The first FreshBlood Meetup in 2018 approached an innovative subject: Startups created by Med students. We organised a pitching session and a series of engaging discussions. 

We also talked about Startup Weekend Cluj 2018, a very good opportunity for those interested to test a startup idea in a weekend’s timeframe.

More details: here.

Opportunities for students in HealthTech, Timisoara – 23 November 2017


FreshBlood supports new startups in healthcare by merging medical knowledge with technology. At our meeting in Timisoara, we explored the potential to solve challenges that healthcare faces nowadays.

We discussed: Opportunities for students and young professionals (meetups, Hackathons, dedicated events, EITHealth summer courses); Opportunities for start-ups (mentoring, networking); Opportunities for institutions and companies (partnerships with hospitals/universities and creative problem solving).

More details: here.

Heal IT: Medicine and Technology student circle – 15 November 2017


The student circle “Heal IT – Medicine and Technology” organised its first meeting, where Dr. Florin Graur (IRGH – Cluj-Napoca) talked about new technologies with applicability in digestive surgery.

More details: here.

FreshBlood Bucharest Meet-Up #3 – 26 October 2017


As part of our series of FreshBlood in Bucharest, we discussed the opportunities in the field of Digital Health and HealthTech for students. We covered:

  1. EIT Health programs as opportunities for students and young professionals – Panel: Ion-Gheorghe Petrovai, Vlad Mateita, Mihai Saftencu. Moderator: Mircea Vadan
  2. How to survive a Hackathon – Ion-Gheorghe Petrovai
  3. Networking

More details: here.

FreshBlood Meetup #7 – 19 October 2017


During this Meetup, we discussed the opportunities in Digital Health for students, at a local, national and European level, focusing on the following areas:

  1.  EIT Health programmes – significant opportunities for students and young professionals – Panel held by Ovidiu Petru Stan, Vlad Mateita, Mihai Saftencu
  1. Student Entrepreunership Academy “Iuliu Hatieganu” – objectives and development – Alexandru Sirbu
  2. Networking

More details: here.

ASAIH – Workshop 3 – Business Model Canvas, 18 October 2017


The „Iuliu Hațieganu” Student Entrepreneurship Association (ASAIH) within the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca hosted the third workshop – Business Model Canvas.

The workshop was facilitated by Dr. Ion-Gheorghe Petrovai and Mircea Vadan, and the activities included: Creating a Business Model Canvas, teams and groups that worked together to develop ideas and the concept of Customer Segmentation.

More details: here.

FreshBlood Bucharest Meetup#2, 1 August 2017


We started the schedule of autumn meetups of FreshBlood in Bucharest, on September 20th 2017, 19.00 at TechHub Bucharest.

We talked about taking medicine forward with technology, with a special guest, Dr. Catalin Cirstoveanu, one of the living examples of how technology can bring medicine forward. Check out his work here.

More details: here.

FreshBlood at CESA Awards, 18 September 2017


At CESA Awards, we hosted a HealthTech session entitled “Healthcare and technology: needs and solutions”. The pannelists were Dr. Dan Cristian PAUL (President of OTM, Assistant Professor UMF Cluj), Ovidiu Petru STAN, PhD (Lecturer in the Department of Automation, UTCN, Ambassador “Innovation Labs” Program) and Horia IVAN (Entrepreneur, Co-Founder and General Manager StomaLink). The engaging discussion was moderated by Dr. Ion-Gheorghe PETROVAI, Project Manager FreshBlood-HealthTech Community.

More details: here.

Workshop at Cluj Summer University, 1 August 2017


At Cluj Summer University, one-week course organised by Stomatology Students Organisation and by Medical Students Organisation, we have prepared and delivered a workshop on healthcare innovation and entrepreneurial mindset to students coming from all over the country.

Medic.Chat Support, July-December 2017


We’re supporting Medic.Chat startup to reach out to the medical community, by finding doctors that can contribute by answering to people/users medical-related questions. Project Lead: Ion G. Petrovai.

Diabetes Study, July-September 2017


In partnership with Synobis, nutrition and obesity medical center based in Cluj-Napoca, we’re running an observation and innovation project on how the life of children and adolescents with diabetes can be improved with the help of mobile applications and prediction algorithms for insuline intake. Project lead: Mihai Saftencu

FreshBlood Launch in Bucharest, 19 July 2017


Bucharest here we come! Let’s have another talk about healthcare and technology! You’ll get to know more about the FreshBlood initiative, you’ll find out about trends in medical innovation and you’ll see how artificial intelligence is applied in healthcare. Our guests for this launching event are: Lorena Macnaughtan (Event Director at ICEEHealth) with the presentation “Innovation in Healthcare. Zoom in on Romania.” and Marjel Quekel (AI Program Director at Rockstart Accelerator) with the presentation “Artificial Intelligence applied in Healthcare”.

More details: here.

Mentoring Hours with Innovation Labs’ healthtech startups, 19 July 2017


Together with other members of the healthtech community in Romania, we spent two fruitful hours advising the healthtech startups part of Innovation Labs program.

More details: here.

Healthcare at Crossroads, 9 June 2017


At this community meeting we discussed opportunities in “healthcare” generated by the evolution of technology. We had as guest Lorena Macnaughtan, iCEE.Health Director, with with a presentation on “Digital Healthcare Opportunities”. In the second part of the event, Dr. Ion-Gheorghe Petrovai talked about “Innovation in Medical Devices based on the Stanford Biodesign Model”.

More details: here.

Romanian Healthtech Startups, 17 May 2017


At this event, we reviewed the Romanian technology startups active in the healthcare industry, so to see how Romanians innovate in this area and what are the trends regarding healthtech startups. We had as guests representative of the project, supported by Life Is HardMedical Students’ Organization and Lion’s Club. facilitate the blood donation process by mediating communication between blood transfusion centers in Romania and potential donors.

More details: here.

Business Model Canvas for Healthtech Startups, 4 April 2017


This was a workshop on Business Model Canvas, with the purpose to familiarise medicine students and resident doctors with the process of analysing a startup idea and understanding the components needed for a business to work. We talked about particularities of the healthcare startups and the various players in this ecosystem. We applied the BMC process on a couple of the ideas presented by the participants.

More details: here.

Third Community Meetup, 2 March 2017


For the third community meetup we prepared a few presentations like: “From Idea to Product – process and examples” (by Mircea Vadan), “Healthcare Startups: Omixy and SkinVision” (by Robbert Visser) and “Opportunities: Startup Weekend Cluj 2017 + Innovation Labs 2017 Cluj Hackathon” (by Ion Gheorghe Petrovai).

More details: here.

Second Community Meetup, 10 January 2017


In this event we talked about the status of innovation in medicine from a technological perspective and trends in the near future regarding healthtech. Besides this we talked about a few examples of startups in health/medicine and support/funding programs for startups.

More details: here.

FreshBlood Launch in Cluj, 13 July 2016


We’ve launched FreshBlood, with the purpose to create a program designed to support the creation of innovative start-ups that merge medical knowledge with technology/IT, uncovering the potential of digital health to disrupt and solve challenges the healthcare system faces nowadays.

More details: here.