Project and activities

Workshop at Cluj Summer University, August 1st, 2017


At Cluj Summer University, one-week course organised by Stomatology Students Organisation and by Medical Students Organisation, we have prepared and delivered a workshop on healthcare innovation and entrepreneurial mindset to students coming from all over the country.

Medic.Chat Support, July-December 2017


We’re supporting Medic.Chat startup to reach out to the medical community, by finding doctors that can contribute by answering to people/users medical-related questions. Project Lead: Ion G. Petrovai.

Diabetes Study, July-September 2017


In partnership with Synobis, nutrition and obesity medical center based in Cluj-Napoca, we’re running an observation and innovation project on how the life of children and adolescents with diabetes can be improved with the help of mobile applications and prediction algorithms for insuline intake. Project lead: Mihai Saftencu

FreshBlood Launch in Bucharest, 19 July 2017


Bucharest here we come! Let’s have another talk about healthcare and technology! You’ll get to know more about the FreshBlood initiative, you’ll find out about trends in medical innovation and you’ll see how artificial intelligence is applied in healthcare. Our guests for this launching event are: Lorena Macnaughtan (Event Director at ICEEHealth) with the presentation “Innovation in Healthcare. Zoom in on Romania.” and Marjel Quekel (AI Program Director at Rockstart Accelerator) with the presentation “Artificial Intelligence applied in Healthcare”.

More details: here.

Mentoring Hours with Innovation Labs’ healthtech startups, 19 July 2017


Together with other members of the healthtech community in Romania, we spent two fruitful hours advising the healthtech startups part of Innovation Labs program.

More details: here.

Healthcare at Crossroads, 9 June 2017


At this community meeting we discussed opportunities in “healthcare” generated by the evolution of technology. We had as guest Lorena Macnaughtan, iCEE.Health Director, with with a presentation on “Digital Healthcare Opportunities”. In the second part of the event, Dr. Ion-Gheorghe Petrovai talked about “Innovation in Medical Devices based on the Stanford Biodesign Model”.

More details: here.

Romanian Healthtech Startups, 17 May 2017


At this event, we reviewed the Romanian technology startups active in the healthcare industry, so to see how Romanians innovate in this area and what are the trends regarding healthtech startups. We had as guests representative of the project, supported by Life Is HardMedical Students’ Organization and Lion’s Club. facilitate the blood donation process by mediating communication between blood transfusion centers in Romania and potential donors.

More details: here.

Business Model Canvas for Healthtech Startups, 4 April 2017


This was a workshop on Business Model Canvas, with the purpose to familiarise medicine students and resident doctors with the process of analysing a startup idea and understanding the components needed for a business to work. We talked about particularities of the healthcare startups and the various players in this ecosystem. We applied the BMC process on a couple of the ideas presented by the participants.

More details: here.

Third Community Meetup, 2 March 2017


For the third community meetup we prepared a few presentations like: “From Idea to Product – process and examples” (by Mircea Vadan), “Healthcare Startups: Omixy and SkinVision” (by Robbert Visser) and “Opportunities: Startup Weekend Cluj 2017 + Innovation Labs 2017 Cluj Hackathon” (by Ion Gheorghe Petrovai).

More details: here.

Second Community Meetup, 10 January 2017


In this event we talked about the status of innovation in medicine from a technological perspective and trends in the near future regarding healthtech. Besides this we talked about a few examples of startups in health/medicine and support/funding programs for startups.

More details: here.

FreshBlood Launch in Cluj, 13 July 2016


We’ve launched FreshBlood, with the purpose to create a program designed to support the creation of innovative start-ups that merge medical knowledge with technology/IT, uncovering the potential of digital health to disrupt and solve challenges the healthcare system faces nowadays.

More details: here.